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The Word Giclée is from the French Verb Gicler which translates as “to squirt” or “to spurt.”  It was initially used to Name the Iris Print which “Sprayed” Ink, but has fallen out-of-favor with most serious Pigmented Inkjet Printmakers because there are a lot of poorly made Giclées out there.  Furthermore, the Original Giclée Prints were made with Liquid Dye-Based Inks, which are far less Permanent than Today’s Best Pigmented Inks. 

That said, the Fine Art Print Market still doesn’t have a better Name for what it Is.  So the term Giclée seems to have stuck, and generally applies to Art Reproduction Prints that are made with Inkjet Printers.  But to be Sure, not all Giclées are created equal.