It All Starts Here. From your Original Artwork, an intricate Photograph is performed.  No ordinary Photograph will do.  To capture every Detail, every BrushStroke and Nuance, MULLINS EDITIONS uses the BetterLight Ultra High-Resolution Digital Scanning Back.  It’s all about Subtlety.  Inserted into a Large-Format 4x5 Sinar View Camera with Exceptional Lenses, the BetterLight will pick up Everything.

Careful Attention is given in Lighting each Piece to best enhance its Unique Characteristics.  Texture.  Color.  
Reflectance… Many Techniques can


be used to bring out each of them. Focus and Sharpness are also critical to achieving a Superior Image suitable for Accurate Printing, so Special Tools are used to Ensure Edge-to-Edge

Sharpness no matter what the size of the Original. If it fits through the Studio door, we can get a Great Scan of any Piece.

After the Original Work is Photographed, the Image is then Value & Color-Matched by using Methods in the Computer followed by Close Evaluation and Fine-Tuning by Eye. Proofs are Printed on the Selected Paper or Canvas and then Approved by the Artist prior to making Final Prints. Once Approved, each Image is Archived and Backed-Up indefinitely so it’s ready for all future Printing.


This Process – from Digital Photograph / Scan to Computer Work to Evaluating and Approving Proofs – is what we call “COPYWORK” and is billed at $110.00 per Original Work of Art.

CDs / DVDs are Provided upon Request for $20.00.