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Your initial investment in the Set-Up that gets You ready to make Prints of an Artwork is a one-time cost of $110.00.

(Please see the Scanning Page)

From there, the cost for Prints is determined by Size, Quantity and the Type of Paper or Canvas the Print is made on.  Cotton Rag and Bamboo Fibre Papers are based on .08 cents per square inch and Canvas is based on .09 cents per square inch.  When ordering One Print, a $25.00 Time & Labor charge is included in the price of that Print.  When ordering Quantities of 2-Or-More Prints of the Same Image & Size, the $25.00 Time & Labor Charge is Spread out.  This brings the Cost-Per-Print down.  The more Prints we make at one time, the lower we can make the Cost-Per-Print.

You can download our Price Card (PDF Download) for a Detailed Breakdown of Costs for many Standard Sizes.