In Other Words

From the artists themselves, here’s what you can expect in working with Mullins Editions…


"Wonderful Day"

“The Mullins photographic synergy is exceptional... a stirring surprise and
a wonderful example of treasured technical integrity existing in the Valley. Their digital formula has no equal in handling the rigorous color contrasts, subtleties, and color matching which my work demands. The creative rapport with artists makes them state of the art in fine art reproduction.”


"Mathematically Astute"

“I have been having my complex mixed media paintings professionally photographed, archived and giclée prints and cards made by Aaron Mullins at Mullins Editions in Clovis for over 5 years. Aaron is extremely professional and thorough in every aspect of his work, giving his full attention to every detail. He wants his artist customers to be happy and he goes out of his way to make sure that we are totally satisfied. He likes working on challenging, textured, dimensional pieces and coming up with new presentation ideas and products. Knowing that Aaron always uses the best materials available and that he involves the artist in each step of the process, I always recommend Mullins Editions to all of my artist friends and colleagues for all of their fine art photography and printing needs.”

More info on Kathleen can be found on her website here.



“I have used giclée printers from San Francisco to Los Angeles and everywhere in-between for over 14 years.  Many of those experiences were frustrating, mainly due to the printers’ inability to truly capture the original painting. All had difficulty creating a print that accurately portrayed the subtle color, nuances, and detail inherent in my work. They always seemed to have excuses to mask their ineptitude with the medium. When I discovered Aaron Mullins, I brought him an original painting to see what he could do. On the first proof he showed me, I knew I had at last found a gifted printer. I was so impressed by his professionalism, his thoughtfulness, and most importantly, his ability to capture an accurate representation quickly. The experience of working with him is always a pleasure, not a trial. I give Mullins Editions our highest recommendation.”

Leonard is best known as the creator of Rip Squeak® and more info about him can be found at

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